Care Plans

Our care plans are a cost-effective way to get a Digital Smartarse on your team without having to provide somebody with coffee or listen to their ‘what I did last weekend’ stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘Support System’ mean?

I use a ticket-based support system that lets you track the progress of any support calls, we’ve found that email is not the best way to track the progress of jobs or issues.

What are ‘Web Tasks’?

These are tasks related to but not limited to your website, so It could be assistance with your Instagram account, linking your Tripadvisor page or even slight adjustments to your logo colours. Before you ask I’m not coming over to mow your lawn!

What’s included in the monthly report?

I track my work using a neat little job tracker (called Timular) that lets me track and subsequently report all my monthly tasks. I’ll also include information on things you could be doing better or ideas I’ve had to improve your site.

What’s remote support?

If you’re struggling with a digital task, I will walk you through fixing your issue by showing you how with a quick video or guide or by taking control of your computer and fixing your issue remotely.