Everything’s included

Pricing web projects the right way

Andy Paddock – Digital Smartarse


No Project Quote, You Buy Time

When you agree on the price of a project you are also agreeing on what will be delivered. What if you change your mind or realise that you could be doing something better, you have to ask for more and that costs more.

We are different, we charge a set fee per month and we tell you how long the project should take to complete. Everything we do in that time period is included in the price.

What Does Everything Mean.


All task that are related to your website/project are included in the monthly fee. Thats everything from building the site, making you some email signatures, setting up twitter…….


If we need to purchase additional plugins/licenses then we will pass on the price of these items (after getting the green light).


If you change your mind about what we build everyday for the month then we may need to rethink the time required.

If you need help or even just a second opinion on an upcoming digital project, we're always happy to listen and offer some free and impartial advice.